Probe arrives at Moon's gateway
European spacecraft Smart is set to enter into orbit around the Moon on Monday. --BBC News

Mars Gullies Likely Formed By Aquifers
Underground pockets of water could act as habitat for Martian microbes. --Space.com

Who you gonna call?
Ghost trackers investigate sightings at Shoestring Theater. --Daytona Beach News-Journal

Airlines Ordered to Expose Data
Government demands passenger data to test a new passenger screening system. --Wired News

Animal life in the Arctic threatened
Rising temperatures in the Arctic will change region's biodiversity. --AFP

Earthquake shakes Mount Rainier
Scientists said the quake was not related to recent rumblings at Mount St. Helens. --Associated Press

Humans may get different forms of BSE
But some people may have a genetic make-up that protects them against the disease. --New Scientist

Pieces from UFO Crash Site Analyzed
Thin metal objects allegedly came from the Plains of St. Agustin, New Mexico. --Earthfiles

Mars moon emerges from the dark
Mars Express spacecraft has taken its most detailed image yet of Phobos. --BBC News

Photo: Missouri's Green Ribbon Sky
Unusual auroral activity recorded on November 7th.
--Astronomy Picture of the Day

Chemtrails: A Fortean View
A new look at a mystery of the skies by Colin Bennett.
--Phenomena Magazine

Mining the Moon, the Gateway to Mars
Lunar surface is being viewed as a nearby, problem solving place for testing and honing automated machinery. --Space.com

Moving brain implant seeks out signals
Device may meet the needs of people with paralysis.
--New Scientist

Grim Signs Mark Global Warming
Reports released this week offer evidence of climate change's impact. --Wired News

Mind control: The Zombie Effect
Methods of latent impact on the human psyche are no longer secret. --Pravda.Ru

China in for Extreme Weather
More droughts and floods due to climate change predicted. --Reuters

Flying taxi vision for commuters
Jetpods would enable quick, quiet and cheap travel to and from major cities. --BBC News

I'm after the aliens that beat up Bob
Terrifying close encounter became the subject of a criminal investigation. --Scotsman.com

Cassini discovers music of the rings
Saturn's rings constantly emit a melodic series of musical notes. --New Scientist

Fossil of fearsome amphibian uncovered
Salamander-like creature with vicious teeth lived about 300 million years ago (with photo).
--Associated Press

Scientists warn Arctic is warming quickly
Climate changes causing ice to melt, 8-nation study finds. --Associated Press

Rules Set for $50 Million 'Americaís Space Prize'
Contest by Bigelow Aerospace is designed to spur the development of space tourism in low Earth orbit.

Giant hail killed more than 200 in Himalayas
60 year-old mystery solved by forensic investigation.
--Telegraph U.K.

Americans expose Russian X-ray Girl
Natasha Demkina tested in New York for TV special.

Stickiness takes on new shapes
Model of how animals stick to walls could aid engineers.

Sun Continues Active After Solar Max
Significant eruption occurred on November 7th.
--Unknown Country

Titan moon holds on to enigma
Photos have left scientists at a loss to interpret what they can see. --BBC News

Chasing aliens perfectly paranormal
Profile of UFO researcher Stan Gordon.
--Denver Post

Is There a Spirit Here Tonight?
Haunted sites recounted by Antoinette May.
--San Francisco Chronicle

Stranger at the Pentagon
Transcript of Tracie Austin-Peters chat with Dr. Frank E. Stranges. --Phenomena Magazine

Spaceship team gets its $10 million prize
After historic flights, itís payday for SpaceShipOne backers. --MSNBC

Raw sewage can now turn into raw power
Microbial fuel cell provides a clean energy source.

Massive peat burn is speeding climate change
Surge in atmospheric CO2 may have been caused by smouldering peat bogs. --New Scientist

Happy ever after
Could our dearly departed loved ones still be with us?

Mystery power boost for Mars rover
For some reason one of the vehicles has actually gained power recently. --CNN

King Congo: Super-Gorillas Spotted in Africa
Scientists probe tales about new gorilla species.

'Phantom' Caught on Video in Haunted Penitentiary
Video shows ghostly 'phantom' figure moving towards camera. --Unexplained Mysteries

Cosmic Doomsday Delayed
Universe won't end for 24 billion years... probably.

Nanotechnology May Change Energy Industry
Technology will help enhance electrical transmission.
--Associated Press

IBM Supercomputer Again Claims Record
System achieved 70.72 trillion calculations per second.

E-vote goes smoothly, but experts skeptical
No paper trail means software glitches, tampering may go unnoticed. --Associated Press

Awesome power of Iceland volcano
Eruption has forced airlines to divert flights to avoid flying through gas emissions. --BBC News

Apollo 15 Image Mystery
Anomaly hunters have uncovered photo of unidentified flying object. --Unknown Country

Is Dugway's expansion an alien concept?
Army base closed-mouthed about why it wants to acquire a huge swath of adjacent land.
--Deseret Morning News

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Digital
Five contestants vie for the title of most beautiful virtual woman in the world. --Wired Magazine

Digital Temblors
Computer model successfully forecasts earthquake sites. --Space.com

Was Wesley Clark Briefed About UFOs?
General has discussed going past the 'speed of light.'

Ghanaians flock to see 'miracle'
Human face seen in rough marble stones of church grotto (with photo). --BBC News

US in U-turn over Gulf war syndrome
Link declared between chemical exposure and veterans' illnesses. --New Scientist

RFID Rights
The rush by companies to put radio frequency identification devices in their goods could imperil consumer privacy. --Technology Review

Arctic warming at twice global rate
Scientific assessment was conducted by an international team of 300 researchers. --New Scientist

Marketing Earth to Alien Civilizations
Chicago advertising exec ponders alien/human interactions. --Red Nova

Titan: 'What We See Is Very Alien'
After Cassini's close-up of Saturn's largest moon, scientists say it's one of the strangest worlds in the solar system. --New York Times (requires registration)

The Modern Mentalist
Derren Brown has reinvented TV conjuring and amazed viewers with his mind control acts. --Fortean Times

Paranormal politics
While political observers tend to use polls to predict the presidential election, other people favor superstition.
--Daily Herald

Dead Voters May Sway Election
Some voters die after casting their absentee ballots.
--Associated Press

'What does it mean to be human?'
Discovery of a human 'Hobbit' on Flores may force many religions to examine their basic beliefs.
--BBC News

Tiny Humans Are Weighed In
Bookmaker casts odds on discovering Yeti, Nessie, and aliens. --William Hill Media

Tall tales
Search for giant Sasquatch draws the curious to Canada lake. --Boston Herald

Nostradamus: Kerry Victory?
Robert Egan interprets a Nostradamus quatrain as referring to Kerry winning the election via Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes. --nostrabobus.com

Finding a 'Bridge to the Afterlife'
Mother hears her late son's voice in an EVP.
--Nashua Telegraph

Cancer-Free 'Designer Babies' Get Approval
Parents have won the right to select embryos free from cancer genes. --Times Online

UFOs Over Veracruz, Mexico
Hundreds of residents report seeing "white dots" in the sky. --Unknown Country

Traveling To Mars And Hibernating Like a Bear
Hibernation of crew would reduce physical and psychological requirements of space travel. --ESA

U.S. Deploys Satellite Jamming System
Air Force has a new weapon designed to jam enemy satellite communications. --Reuters

Bad news (and good) on Arctic warming
Report shows Arctic region is undergoing profound changes. --New York Times

Test craft takes last flight
The NASA "vomit comet" made its final flight on Friday.

Church celebrates its haunted history
19th century priest's footsteps still echo throughout the sanctuary. --CNN

Researchers Detect Methane On Mars
Scientist says methane may indicate life on the red planet. --SpaceDaily.com

Dust and 4x4 vehicles threaten global ecology
Airborne dust levels have increased ten times over past 50 years. --Pravda.Ru

Dangerous Bacteria Evolving in Insects
Scientists have evidence that bacteria dangerous to humans have begun evolving in insects.
--Unknown Country

Air Force Report On Teleportation Physics
Read the 88-page study (in PDF format). --U.S. Air Force

Tidal wave threat 'over-hyped'
Risk of a landslide on La Palma creating giant tidal wave overstated. --BBC News

Town to officially pardon executed witches
Ceremony will publicly declare pardons for 81 people executed for being witches. --CNN

Dog saves woman's life by calling 911
Faith, a Washington State Rottweiler, phones 911 after wwner falls out of wheelchair. --ABC News

Sunspot record reveals Sun's past
Solar history may have links with Earth's climate.

US boosts e-voting software security
Encryption method gives e-voting software a tamper-proof "fingerprint." --New Scientist

Who you gonna call? Ghost detective
Skeptic and psychic team up to investigates hauntings.

Camera offers dog's collar view
Japanese dog lovers will get to see the world from the perspective of their pets. --ABC News Online

Big Brother Watches Hollywood
Los Angeles Police Department plans to install surveillance cameras on city streets. --LA Times

Tiny Human Ancestor Found in Asia
Hobbit-like species of human grew no larger than a 3-year-old modern child (with photos).
--National Geographic News

US rolls out most expensive jet
FA-22 stealth fighter can fly at 1500 km/h and remain undetected by radar. --BBC News

Alien Skull Mystery Continues
Update on the 'Starchild' skull (with photos/video).

Scientists warn of 'ethnic weapons'
Biological weapons that target selected ethnic groups could become part of the terrorists' arsenal.
--The Australian

Day from Hell May Have Killed Off Dinosaurs
One minute you're a big T-Rex, the next you're toast.

Brain Cells Fly Plane
A collection of rat brain cells has flown a virtual F-22 fighter jet from a Petri dish. --Unknown Country

Company To Create Hypo-Allergenic Cats
Allerca Inc. is working to produce a "lifestyle pet" for people with allergies. --Yahoo

Electric Currents Boost Brain Power
Just 20 minutes with a battery is enough to ramp up verbal prowess. --Nature

Total Eclipse of the Moon
On Wednesday night, the moon will be covered by Earth's shadow and resemble a glowing pumpkin.
--USA Today

It's Official - The Platypus is Weird
Platypus research turns up some interesting results.
--ABC News Online

Efficient cars enough to curb US greenhouse gases
Today's technology could have immediate impact on global warming. --Nature

Smart buildings gain momentum
Structures use sunlight, sea water to save energy.

Her Majesty's Satanist
British Armed Forces has officially recognized its first registered Satanist. --The Daily Record

Longevity Enzyme Confirmed
Appears essential to life-extending effects of calorie restriction. --Betterhumans

The hunt for cosmic blasts' secret
Probe will investigate the source of gamma-ray bursts.
--BBC News

Europe leads space race to hunt down ET
Work begins on flotilla of floating mirrors to detect life on far distant planets. --The Observer

Quantum quirk may give objects mass
Entanglement effect allows two particles to behave as one. --New Scientist

Migration linked to squirrel deaths
Large-scale journeys not unprecedented, may explain drownings, DNR biologist says. --Holland Sentinel

Believers & doubters at annual Bigfoot conference
Over 200 attend the fourth annual Texas event.
--Longview News-Journal

A Sleeping Prophet's Overlooked Talent
Edgar Cayce turned numerous people into multi-millionaires with his stock predictions.
--Phenomena Magazine

Space station crew back on Earth
Russian and US spacemen have landed back in Kazakhstan. --BBC News

Ghostly threat in will
Man threatened to haunt anyone who tampered with his will. --CNEWS

Stinky Onions Fight Cancer Best
Touted as tumor killers, rank veggies ranked for potency. --Betterhumans

Group warns on resource consumption
WWF says resource consumption is destroying Earth's ability to sustain life. --CNN

Smart fabrics make for enhanced living
Imagine a handbag that warns you if you are about to forget your wallet... --New Scientist

Chips Coming to a Brain Near You
New microchip mimics the part of the brain responsible for creating memories. --Wired News

Household Robots
Robots are set to become increasingly familiar companions in homes by 2007. --BBC News

Human Gene Total Falls Below 25,000
About 20,000 human genes have been identified so far.
--New York Times (requires registration)

Shatner Wants to Go on Space Flight
"Trek" star among thousands anxious to fly on Virgin's proposed space flights. --Associated Press

Fall Traditions: Ghostly Guests
Residents say there are plenty of haunted places in their own back yard. --MetroWest Daily News

Einstein's Warped View of Space Confirmed
Study backs up a key prediction of general theory of relativity. --Space.com

American Passports to Get Chipped
Embedded chips will broadcast on command an individual's information and photo to a computerized reader. --Wired News

Great expectations
Parapsychology experiments are criticized for inconsistency of results. --Guardian U.K.

Feathered embryo found in China
Fossil is thought to be the most ancient unborn bird ever discovered. --BBC News

Werewolf Author Interviewed
Linda S. Godfrey tells of strange creature in Wisconsin.
--Phenomena Magazine

Texas "Chupa"
Strange mammal or mangy coyote? --Earthfiles

9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket
The agency is withholding a damning report that points at senior officials.
--L.A. Times (requires registration)

Paranormal investigators source for ghost accounts Tales gathered from 12 Southern states.

Monster Sunfish washes up in New Zealand
Creature may be nearly 10 ft. in length (with photo).

An Artist's Junkyard of Dreams
The 50-foot-high 'Forevertron' is claimed to be an antigravity machine (with photos). --Wired News

Plasma Beam Eyed in Space Travel
Scientists are pioneering a concept that could shorten the time it takes to travel to other planets. --Wired News

Scientists seek to create 'three-parent' babies
The aim is to prevent children from inheriting genetic diseases. --New Scientist

Unlikely source emits international distress signal
Signal is traced back to a 20-inch color TV in Oregon.
--Associated Press

Ancient fungus 'revived' in lab
Indian researchers say the fungi come from sediments that are between 180,000 and 430,000 years old.
--BBC News

Girl who wept stones admitted to hospital
15-year-old reportedly suffers from tiny stones that emerge from the corners of her eyes.
--Independent U.K.

Observations Upset Theories of Planet Formation
Leading theory is being revised because of new data from the U.S. Spitzer Space Telescope.
--VOA News

Is There a Sixth Sense?
Reports and studies of intuitive hunches presented.
--Psychology Today

War syndrome 'will not be solved'
After 14 years, "Gulf war syndrome" causes perplex experts. --BBC News

Residents Report Glowing Light In Sky
Ohio man thinks it could have been UFO (with slideshow). --NewsNet5

Wired moose
Bull moose was accidentally strung up in a power line under construction in Alaska.
--Fairbanks News-Minor

Black Sea slowly gives up ancient secrets
Expedition delves into theories about biblical flood.
--Pakistan Daily Times

American Crop Formations: 1880-2004
Researcher maps locations for 368 reports in the U.S. and Canada. --Earthfiles

Precognitive Stock Market Dreamers
Club of dreamers 'see' profitable investments.
--Phenomena Magazine

Amphibians In Dramatic Decline
Study finds nearly one-third of species threatened with extinction. --Science Daily

Dry/Ice: Global Warming Revealed
Drunvalo Melchizedek writes about climate change.
--Spirit of Maat

Implantable tags beam back medical ID
Approval of personal microchips highlights spread of radio frequency technology. --Nature

Mount St. Helens' 'Fin' May Be Splitting
Scientists continue to warn that eruption could intensify at any time. --Associated Press

NIDS closes its doors
National Institute for Discovery Science mysteriously stops investigations. --NIDS

Ghosthunters declare Mancill house haunted
A crash, a feeling of being watched, a shimmer of a figure, loud noises, voices...
--Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise

Satellite part returns with a bang
Chinese satellite capsule smashes into four-story house. --Reuters

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